• Spring AC Tune-Up

    Spring Is Here.

    You’ve waited all winter long for this moment. The time is here for the flowers to start blooming, the sunshine to come back out, and all of your winter coats, sweaters, and jeans to be put back in the closet until fall. It’s also time to give Quality Heating and Air a call to make sure your air conditioning unit is working in top shape. Better to get it done now so you can be prepared for the summertime heat that will soon arrive.

    Why bother?

    You may feel as if you don’t have the time, but it only takes a quick phone call to schedule a tune-up on your air conditioning unit and system. You may wonder why it’s necessary to pay for an inspection on something that was working during the last air conditioning season. Although your system may be working fine, if it isn’t, you could be facing much bigger issues down the line that could be prevented with a simple tune-up.

    Not only do you not want to risk your unit breaking down in the sweltering heat, but you could actually be adding to the life of your AC unit and system and saving money the long run. Quality Heating and Air will remove any dust build-up that may have been gathering during the times it wasn’t used as well as making sure it is utilizing energy efficiently so you aren’t paying any extra on your energy bills.

    In addition, giving us a call to inspect and service your AC, can make sure the unit has a longer lifespan and keep it working for years to come. Scheduling a tune-up can avoid many potential issues down the road, so you can relax in comfort during the hotter months to come.

    What happens during a tune-up?

    Our team will make sure that everything in your AC system is clean. This entails cleaning all the coils, cleaning the drain and condensate the line, and much more. We will also provide lubrication to all the moving mechanical parts within your AC system so everything runs smoothly throughout the coming months.

    Maintenance you can do

    If you want to make sure your system continues to run effectively, please remember to inspect your air filter and replace it when necessary. It’s also good to wipe the unit down and vacuum around it, if possible. Ensure your unit maintains a long lifespan so you don’t have repeated repairs.

    Let’s get started.

    If you want all your HVAC maintenance taken care of, call us! You don’t want to deal with waiting for repairs during the scorching hot months of summer. Give us a call today.

  • Which Type of Gas Furnace Should You Choose?

    No heating system in Murfreesboro is perfect, and eventually, you’ll have to find a heating replacement when your furnace starts to wear out. If a gas furnace is your heating system of choice, you’ll still have to figure out which model is right for your house or place of business. Gas furnaces come in different styles, including standard, two-stage, and modulating. If you’re not sure which kind of heating system will serve you best, the cooling and heating experts would be happy to help you decide. Keep reading for help determining what type of gas furnace you should choose.

    Standard Gas furnaces

    A single-stage, or standard heating system offers no control over the amount of gas that flows into the furnace. It uses a physical gas valve to release gas at a high rate, and it’s not quite as efficient as many of its alternatives. This is probably not the right choice for people who want to save money on their energy bills, but it can be a useful heating system for people who live in mild climates. If you do want to save on your energy bills and don’t live in a mild climate, a standard gas furnace probably won’t be your ideal choice.


    Unlike a standard single-stage heating system, a two-stage furnace can be operated at either half power or full power. The furnace will start at half power, which can be enough to get the job done on winter days that aren’t too cold. It communicates with the thermostat to tell when to kick into full power. When it runs at half power, it’ll run the heating cycle for a longer duration, meaning more heat will circulate around your house. This kind of heating system is a bit more efficient than a standard furnace.


    A modulating gas furnace will be more efficient than both of the aforementioned options. It will constantly check the temperature and decide how much gas is necessary for the home to be properly heated. Modulating systems keep your home comfortable and your energy bills reasonable, and they’re a great choice for cold climates.

  • Why Rust Is Bad for Your Furnace

    When you mix water and metal, sometimes you’re going to get rust. It’s a good idea to keep an eye on your heating system in Murfreesboro to make sure rust doesn’t build up. Regular maintenance and inspections make it easier to notice problems with your furnace before they get too serious. Rust and scale buildup is common because of the combination of water vapor and natural gas combustion. You can keep your furnace running and your energy bills down by maintaining your heating system and dealing with rust quickly. Continue reading for more on why rust is bad for your furnace.

    Natural gas combusts inside your furnace in order to provide your home with heat, and the mixture of this burning with water vapor will lead to rust. When the scale of the rust falls and ends up on the burners, gas won’t flow the right way. This means your heating system will suffer a dramatic loss of efficiency, and your energy bills will go up by a wide margin. It will also continue to collect moisture and collect more and more rust, which only makes the problem worse. Set up a maintenance plan with your heating experts to avoid rust problems.

    Why Rust Is Bad for Your Furnace

  • Get to Know Modern Water Heaters

    Modern heating systems in Murfreesboro are more energy efficient than older furnaces and water heaters. This efficiency lets you save money and reduce your carbon footprint, so it’s a win for your wallet and for the environment. If it’s time for a heating replacement in your house or workplace, watch this video and get to know modern water heaters.

    There are a multitude of different kinds of water heaters on the market today. Solar water heaters make use of free energy from the sunlight and store the heated water in a tank so it’s ready for use. Tankless water heaters warm up your water on the spot, so they don’t waste any energy due to standby heat loss. Hybrid water heaters use storage tanks just like traditional water heaters, but they also use a pump to take heat out of the air.

  • Furnace Anatomy: Get to Know Your Limit Switch

    The more you know about your heating system in Murfreesboro, the easier it will be to notice when there’s an issue to fix. There are many components that allow your furnace to operate properly, and one of them is your limit switch. The first thing you should know about your heating system’s limit switch is where to find it. Knowing what it does and how it works also makes it easier to notice when it’s malfunctioning, so you can let your heating experts know that there’s a problem. Read on for a lesson in furnace anatomy and get to know your limit switch.

    Knowing How to Find It heating system in Murfreesboro

    It’s hard to understand how your heating system works if you don’t have any idea how the different parts come together. Furnaces aren’t all that difficult to understand, and it can help the heating experts if you know how to tell if each part is functioning correctly. If you want to find your limit switch, look for a temperature sensor on a mounting plate. The mounting plate is attached to the outside of the furnace and has several wire terminals for the fan and gas valve. The temperature sensing probe goes through the wall of the furnace housing. You can usually find the limit switch above the heat exchanger in the hot-air supply plenum.

    Understanding What It Does

    Now that you know where your limit switch is, you should know what it’s responsible for. The limit switch works in conjunction with the blower fan. You don’t want to start circulating air as soon as you turn the furnace on because the air won’t be warm yet. The limit switch is what tells the blower to turn on once the system is hot enough. Then the air is blown through the heat exchanger and throughout the house.

    Recognizing Signs of a Problem

    If your blower fan doesn’t turn off, your limit switch could be the problem. Sometimes a malfunctioning limit switch will put your heating system out of commission entirely. In this case you should talk to your heating experts for assistance.

  • Should I Have a Heat Pump Installed?

    Are you searching for ways to improve or replace your current heating system in Murfreesboro ? If so, then you’ve probably come across heat pumps as an option and may be wondering if they would be a good choice for your home. Consider the following questions to determine whether you might benefit from having a heat pump installed.

    What are your household’s heating and cooling needs? Heat Pump Installed

    Yes, heat pumps can be used both to heat and cool a home, and most fall into one of two categories: air-sourced or geothermal. Air-sourced heat pumps rely on the differences in temperature between the air inside and outside of a home to work. To heat a building, these units pull heat from outdoor air and send it inside. To cool a home, they work in reverse and draw heat from indoor air and release it outdoors. Geothermal heat pumps work similarly but use the difference between indoor air and the temperature underground to heat and cool a home. Geothermal heat pumps tend to cost more to install due to the need to excavate but can have lower operational costs than air-forced ones.

    What are your local temperatures like?

    Now that you know that heat pumps can be used both to heat and cool a home, it’s time to consider whether an air-forced or geothermal heat pump would be a good option for you. Because air-forced heat pumps rely on outdoor air to heat a home, they may be less effective in locations with extreme temperatures than in places with milder ones. Geothermal heat pumps can sometimes offer a more practical heating and cooling option for homes that see extreme hot or cold temperatures, as they rely on the more consistent underground temperatures to function.

    Are you looking for better energy efficiency?

    Heat pump energy efficiency can vary depending on the type of heat pump, the heat pump’s seasonal energy efficiency ratio (SEER) rating, and the environmental temperatures. Speak with a home cooling and heating expert near you to find out if a heat pump would be an energy-efficient option for your home.

  • Why Does My House Smell Odd When I Turn on the Heat?

    The weather is getting chilly, so now is a good time to address any problems with your heating system in Murfreesboro . After all, you don’t want to be left in the cold in the dead of winter while waiting for repairs. There are a number of warning signs to watch out for if you’re concerned about problems with your home’s heating system, and one of these is odd smells. Smell Odd

    If you notice an odor that smells like gas when your heater runs, then you should evacuate your home immediately and contact your gas company. If you pick up on an earthy, dusty smell whenever your heater turns on, then this may indicate that the furnace filter needs to be replaced. Generally, these filters should be changed every one to three months, and households that have more people or pets should replace this heating component more frequently than others. If you’re unsure how often to change your furnace filter, then speak with a local heating expert. Finally, any persistent, unpleasant odors that aren’t remedied by changing the filter may indicate that something else is wrong, so consider having your heating system checked by an HVAC technician.

  • Keep Your Heating Costs Under Control

    Your home’s heating system in Murfreesboro plays an important role in keeping your family comfortable through the winter months, but the cost of staying warm can get unnecessarily high if you don’t take care of some home maintenance tasks. Watch this video to learn a few things that you can do to keep your heating costs in check this season.

    First, you should seal any air leaks around openings such as windows and doors. Next, install a programmable thermostat and set it to 68º F when people are home and awake and 60º F when everyone is out of the house or asleep. Finally, if you have a forced air heating system, change the furnace filter and schedule professional maintenance to promote better efficiency.

  • A Quick Look at Furnace Ignition Systems

    Is your furnace failing to turn on and leaving you wondering if you may need a heating replacement in Murfreesboro ? If so, then you may enjoy learning a bit about how these units function. Continue reading for a quick introduction to types of furnace ignition systems.

    Standing Pilot furnace

    A standing pilot is the oldest type of furnace ignition system and one that many people are familiar with. If your heating system has a standing pilot ignition system, then you should see a continuous blue flame burning if it is working properly. If your standing pilot will not ignite, then try resetting it. Otherwise, there may be something wrong with its thermocouple component, which is responsible for detecting whether the pilot light is lit or not.

    Intermittent Pilot

    A furnace with an intermittent pilot ignition system is one that runs on gas but has an electronic ignition system. Unlike with a traditional, standing pilot light, this type of ignition system uses an electrical spark to ignite the gas pilot, and it will only ignite the pilot when the thermostat signals the unit to produce heat. Because it only runs the pilot light when needed, an intermittent pilot ignition system is typically found in newer, more energy-efficient heating systems, and these pilot ignition systems can be more reliable than traditional ones. If your pilot light won’t ignite, then try resetting it by turning it off for five to ten minutes and then turning it on again.

    Hot Surface

    Hot surface ignition is another type of ignition system that relies on electricity to ignite. However, as opposed to intermittent pilot ignition systems, hot surface ones have a resistance heating element that warms up whenever the thermostat signals a need for heat. If you have this type of ignition system and you’re wondering whether it is working, then simply look for light, as you will be able to see a red-orange glow coming from the device when a hot surface ignition system is on.

  • The Benefits of Leaving Furnace Installation to the Pros

    Installing a new furnace is not your typical DIY job. Proper installation is challenging, and if it is done incorrectly, it could even lead to risks like carbon monoxide leaks. Don’t risk it when you get a new furnace. Let heating experts in Murfreesboro handle the installation for you, so all you have to do it sit back and enjoy your comfortable home. Here is a look at some of the benefits of professional heating installation.

    Improved Energy Efficiency

     Furnace Installation pro

    When you attempt to install your new furnace yourself, all it takes is one misstep to make your heating function less efficiently than it should. Even a minor reduction in efficiency can add up to a major expense for you in the long run, as your energy bills begin to rise. When you leave the installation to a professional team, you can be sure that it will be set up to give you the maximum amount of efficiency possible.

    Better System Longevity

    If your furnace is not installed properly, it means that it will start out its life not working properly. Over time, the system will be under an excessive amount of pressure, which means it will wear out soon than it would have had it been set up the right way from the beginning. Because new furnaces are such huge investments, don’t take the risk of needing a new one before you would have if you had allowed a qualified heating expert to handle the installation.

    Increased Comfort

    In addition to the extra expense that comes with a poorly installed heating system, a furnace that isn’t working up to its full potential won’t keep your home as comfortable as it should. After investing in a new furnace, you want to enjoy the warmth it provides instead of feeling just as chilly as before. A professional team can ensure that your heating installation is done exactly right so that your home is ready for cold winter nights.