Air Conditioning Repairs in Murfreesboro, TN

Trust Quality Heating & Air for Cooler Air

Do you feel warm air when you turn on your AC unit? Are you tired of being hot and sweaty in your Murfreesboro, TN home? Call on Quality Heating & Air to have our skilled technicians service your unit and get cool air in each room. We have helped those suffering from the Tennessee heat for more than 20 years. Our team trains to work on all makes and models, ensuring your system gets repaired with ease. We understand what it is like to have your cooling unit go out, which is why we work quickly to get you and your family comfortable again. As soon as you begin to notice issues with your air conditioner, please give us a call. We come to your home to inspect the system and give you a free estimate for all essential services.

Common AC Issues Throughout Murfreesboro, TN

Air conditioners can experience many issues in their tenure, but don’t worry because you have Quality Heating & Air in your corner. Our trained, licensed, and certified technicians can easily spot the problem and develop a solution to get it working. If you are unsure if you should call on us for air conditioner repairs, below are some of the most commons issues requiring a professional’s hands:

Odd Odors: When turning on your air conditioner this summer, there shouldn’t be any smell coming through the vents. The cool air it provides is colorless and odorless, so if there is a stench, be sure to reach out to our stellar team. We will inspect the outdoor unit and ductwork for mold, mildew, pests, and more. Clean air will also help you breathe easier and prevent problems with asthma and allergies.

Loud Noises: After you turn on your air conditioner, if you hear loud noises, something is wrong with the unit. Banging, clanking, droning, buzzing, and more are all signs you should reach out to the Quality Heating & Air specialists. We swiftly discover the cause and offer the necessary air conditioner repairs to calm the unit’s noise.

Low Pressure: When you turn on your AC unit, you expect it to provide quick relief from the summer sun. It should push powerful cold air from your vents. If you notice the airflow has weakened, give our team a call to estimate the air conditioner repairs necessary.

Warm Air: Your AC unit should supply you and your family with refreshing cold air. If you are only getting warm air when activating, you could be low on freon. Whatever the cause, Quality Heating & Air will refill the gas and check on the pipes. We will also check the sensor and move it back into place to improve the performance.  No matter the make or model, our technicians can deliver expert air conditioner repairs.

Leaking Unit: While some condensation is normal, having puddles around your air conditioner unit is not. Call Quality Heating & Air right away to prevent any more major leaking and provide our air conditioner repairs to plug any holes and replace all busted pipes.

Frozen Coils: If you notice the coils in your AC unit have become frozen, you could be experiencing many issues such as low airflow, warm air, and more. Before you call us for air conditioner repairs, make sure to turn off the system to prevent further issues.

Benefits of Air Conditioning Repairs

Having your air conditioner serviced by the professional at Quality Heating & Air provides your unit and home with a multitude of benefits:

  • Breathe healthier air
  • Prevent asthma and allergy flare-ups
  • Avoid early replacements
  • Save on monthly energy bills
  • Maintain home value
  • Stay comfortable
  • Evade larger repair bills

AC Installation and Maintenance From the Pros

Not only do we provide Murfreesboro, TN with expert air conditioner repairs, but we can help in between those visits with maintenance services. By having Quality Heating & Air inspect the unit biannually, we can catch small issues before becoming large, expensive ones. We can also help it stay energy efficient to lessen your carbon footprint. When it inevitably comes time to replace your AC unit, you can rely on our team to find the right option and get it properly installed. Trying to tackle this chore on your own can lead to issues with connectivity and buying the wrong unit. Trust the team with over two decades of experience in the industry to keep your home comfortable all year long.

Call on Quality Heating & Air to Stay Cozy

Quality Heating & Air is at the ready whenever you need professional air conditioner repairs and more. Our experts arrive promptly with all the necessary tools to prevent wasting time with back and forth trips to the office. Once we inspect the unit, we will provide you with a free estimate for the necessary services. Reach out today and speak with a representative or fill out the Contact Us form to get in touch. You can also count on us to have online specials and financing options to help keep costs low.

Why Choose Us?

  • Owner does all estimates personally
  • Money saving Maintenance Agreement
  • Quality is Top Priority and only priority
  • Owner operated & locally owned
  • Flat Rate pricing. You'll know the price before the work begins