What’s Causing Your AC to Freeze Up?

Maintaining your HVAC appliances is usually not too difficult, especially when you work with air conditioning experts in Murfreesboro. The better you maintain your air conditioner, the less likely it will be to suffer malfunctions or freeze up. You can avoid future breakdowns and the need for the resulting repairs by keeping an eye on your unit and calling the professionals whenever something seems to be going wrong . Read ahead if you’re wondering what could be causing your AC to freeze up.

Without the proper maintenance and care, your air conditioner could be susceptible to problems with its air vents and refrigerant. It turns out that both problems could be to blame when your AC freezes up. If the air in your house isn’t allowed to freely circulate throughout your space, it could trap cold air and end up freezing your air conditioner. Your AC needs to be constantly moving air while it’s operating, and dirty air filters can thwart this effort, but you can fix the problem by changing your air filters. If your refrigerant is leaking, your AC professional will need to find the leak and repair it before adding more refrigerant

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