Spring AC Tune-Up

Spring Is Here.

You’ve waited all winter long for this moment. The time is here for the flowers to start blooming, the sunshine to come back out, and all of your winter coats, sweaters, and jeans to be put back in the closet until fall. It’s also time to give Quality Heating and Air a call to make sure your air conditioning unit is working in top shape. Better to get it done now so you can be prepared for the summertime heat that will soon arrive.

Why bother?

You may feel as if you don’t have the time, but it only takes a quick phone call to schedule a tune-up on your air conditioning unit and system. You may wonder why it’s necessary to pay for an inspection on something that was working during the last air conditioning season. Although your system may be working fine, if it isn’t, you could be facing much bigger issues down the line that could be prevented with a simple tune-up.

Not only do you not want to risk your unit breaking down in the sweltering heat, but you could actually be adding to the life of your AC unit and system and saving money the long run. Quality Heating and Air will remove any dust build-up that may have been gathering during the times it wasn’t used as well as making sure it is utilizing energy efficiently so you aren’t paying any extra on your energy bills.

In addition, giving us a call to inspect and service your AC, can make sure the unit has a longer lifespan and keep it working for years to come. Scheduling a tune-up can avoid many potential issues down the road, so you can relax in comfort during the hotter months to come.

What happens during a tune-up?

Our team will make sure that everything in your AC system is clean. This entails cleaning all the coils, cleaning the drain and condensate the line, and much more. We will also provide lubrication to all the moving mechanical parts within your AC system so everything runs smoothly throughout the coming months.

Maintenance you can do

If you want to make sure your system continues to run effectively, please remember to inspect your air filter and replace it when necessary. It’s also good to wipe the unit down and vacuum around it, if possible. Ensure your unit maintains a long lifespan so you don’t have repeated repairs.

Let’s get started.

If you want all your HVAC maintenance taken care of, call us! You don’t want to deal with waiting for repairs during the scorching hot months of summer. Give us a call today.