• Tips for Keeping Your Home Cooler This Summer

    People tend to crave the heat during the winter, but then they get sick of it during the summer. An efficient cooling system in Murfreesboro can help you escape the sweltering heat and enjoy your comfort in your home. Watch this video for home cooling tips. Buying the most efficient cooling system may have you […]

  • New heater installation in Murfreesboro

    What to Expect from a New Heater Installation

    There will be a time when you need a heating system replacement in Murfreesboro, and it is important to understand the process of installation. Your heating experts will go through several steps to ensure your new heating system is installed correctly and safely. These steps will include replacing worn out parts, running diagnostics, and giving […]

  • Avoid Scams by Unscrupulous Duct Cleaners

    In addition to your heating system and air conditioner, your home’s HVAC system will consist of a series of ducts—these distribute the heated or cooled air throughout your home. Since dust and other debris can gather in your ductwork over time, the ducts need to be professionally cleaned every few years to keep your system […]

  • Why Air Conditioner Maintenance Should Be Part of Your Routine

    Once you have invested in a new AC installation, it’s important to seek regular AC repairs and air conditioning maintenance from a qualified HVAC company in Murfreesboro. Air conditioning maintenance will extend the lifespan of your HVAC system, ensure your AC unit operates effectively and efficiently, and reduce the need for costly AC replacement or […]

  • Common Causes of Indoor Air Pollution

    Ask a professional who specializes in HVAC installation in Murfreesboro and he or she will tell you that indoor air pollution is caused mostly by common household items stored inside your home as well as other influences. These pollutants can contaminate the air you breathe and make you sick, and can be circulated throughout your […]

  • Indoor air quality tips by Quality Heating & Air LLC

    Tips for Improving Your Indoor Air Quality

    Your home should be a safe haven where you can relax in comfort and security. Unfortunately poor indoor air quality can make your home uncomfortable and unsafe. Your local HVAC repair service in Murfreesboro can help you get an idea of the quality of your indoor air and provide you with tips on how to […]

  • How to Improve Your Indoor Air Quality

    People spend a majority of their time indoors, so the quality of the air we breathe inside is of great importance. There are four main ways people can improve and maintain the air quality in their homes: Eliminate, ventilate, clean, and monitor. This short video clip describes these principles in greater details and offers some […]