• Why You Should Maintain All Areas of Your HVAC System This Summer

    While the summer months may currently seem like they are very far away, the weather will start heating up sooner than you may think. To get ahead of your household maintenance tasks during the spring and summer, now is a great time to schedule a preventative maintenance appointment with air conditioning contractors near Murfreesboro . A team of air conditioning experts can make sure that every aspect of your HVAC system is working properly during the summer months. Here is a look at why it is so important to maintain all of your heating and cooling system components this summer. hvac - maintenance

    Ensure Proper Efficiency

    Energy efficiency is a top consideration for homeowners during the hot months of summer. If you have not taken the time to maintain your HVAC system, you may find that your air conditioner operates with poor efficiency. An inefficient air conditioner can cost you significantly on your monthly cooling bills. Preventative maintenance will allow you to restore the efficiency of your HVAC system before the peak of summer arrives.

    Avoid Maintenance Emergencies

    An HVAC maintenance emergency can be inconvenient and even potentially dangerous during the heat of summer. Without a properly working HVAC system, you will have no way to cool down your home. Taking the time to maintain your entire HVAC system can help you avoid a sudden breakdown. Overall, your maintenance appointment will provide you with peace of mind during the hot summer season.

    Promote Good Indoor Air Quality

    When you neglect to maintain your HVAC system, the overall air quality of your home could suffer. Clogged air filters and dirty ducts can all place contaminants and toxins in the air that you breathe. Scheduling HVAC maintenance during the summer season will ensure that the air in your home is clean and healthy for your family members. If you are planning ahead for summer home maintenance, now is a terrific time to schedule a preventative appointment for your HVAC system.

  • Potential Air Conditioner Emergencies the Pros Need to Handle

    During the summer months, it is important to make sure that your air conditioner is ready to handle increased demand. In this video, you will learn about how air conditioning experts handle cooling system emergencies. Before performing repairs, your air conditioning contractors in Murfreesboro will need to carefully assess the source of the issue. Once the problem has been diagnosed, your technician will be ready to start the repair process.

    There are several cooling issues that always need to be handled by professional air conditioning contractors. A failing capacitor, for example, requires special tools to be repaired. HVAC professionals can also diagnose a failing contact or other electrical issues that you might not recognize on your own.

  • Different Financing Options

    At Quality Heating and Air LLC , we are pleased to provide our customers with a range of financing options. When you call us for a heating system repair or replacement, we can help you finance the costs that are associated with your services. By working with our heating experts in Murfreesboro, you can rest assured that you are receiving quality repair or installation services at a fair price.

    When you contact us for a heating system replacement, we will go over some of the most popular financing options that we have available. The TVA Energy Right ® Loan Program can provide you with financing for up to $15,000 towards the cost of your heating system. This unsecured loan program requires no collateral from the homeowner. If you are seeking a same-as-cash loan, you may want to look into the benefits of the GEO Smart financing program. With these programs, you do not have to let cost be a prohibitive factor in the heating replacement services that your home needs this winter.

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  • Dispelling These Myths About Energy Efficiency and Your HVAC Units

    Saving energy is a top priority for many households. If you are looking to go green in the coming year, you may be considering a new air conditioning installation for your home. By setting up an air conditioner replacement for your home in Murfreesboro, you can help your HVAC system operate more efficiently during the summer months. With guidance from your air conditioning contractors , you will be able to pick out a high efficiency system that meets your daily cooling demands. To help you pick out the right air conditioning system, here is an overview of some myths and facts regarding HVAC units and energy efficiency. energy - efficiency

    Myth: Name Brand Products Are More Efficient

    When you are shopping for a new air conditioner or HVAC unit, you may have the option of choosing a name brand product or a lesser known, generic model. While name brand products can offer terrific efficiency, they must be properly installed in order to achieve their full potential. In addition, a top selling brand does not necessarily guarantee optimal efficiency ratings or proper sizing for your home.

    Myth: Cranking the Thermostat Will Save Energy

    While it may be tempting to set your thermostat to a very high or low temperature in order to achieve your desired comfort level quickly, cranking your thermostat can actually reduce the overall efficiency of your system. To achieve the best efficiency from your HVAC unit, you should allow your system to gradually heat or cool your home over a few hours, avoiding large jumps between different temperatures.

    Myth: Closing Vents Helps to Improve Efficiency

    If there are areas of your home that you do not use very frequently, you may be considering closing the HVAC vents in those areas. However, closing off your vents will not make a dent in the overall efficiency of your system. In fact, shutting off vents can actually decrease the efficiency of your HVAC unit. To achieve better energy savings from your system, it is best to let air flow freely through all rooms of the house.