Avoid Scams by Unscrupulous Duct Cleaners

In addition to your heating system and air conditioner, your home’s HVAC system will consist of a series of ducts—these distribute the heated or cooled air throughout your home. Since dust and other debris can gather in your ductwork over time, the ducts need to be professionally cleaned every few years to keep your system running efficiently. When you are ready to schedule duct cleaning, look for air conditioning experts in Murfreesboro and follow the tips in this video to avoid duct cleaning scams.

Duct cleaning scams often start with an offer of a very low price that immediately skyrockets when the cleaners claim to find mold in your ducts. These scammers may bring in evidence of mold taken from elsewhere, and encourage your family to evacuate the home immediately. When choosing a duct cleaning company to work on the ducts for your heating system and cooling system, look for one that is certified and insured, and that comes with plenty of great reviews from previous customers.