Common Causes of Indoor Air Pollution

Common Indoor Air Pollutants in Murfreesboro Ask a professional who specializes in HVAC installation in Murfreesboro and he or she will tell you that indoor air pollution is caused mostly by common household items stored inside your home as well as other influences. These pollutants can contaminate the air you breathe and make you sick, and can be circulated throughout your home via HVAC units and their ductwork and vents.

The most common causes of indoor air pollution are things that emit gases or minute particles into the air such as oil and gaseous products, kerosene, tobacco, deteriorating lead-based paint, asbestos, and treated wood. If you have a gas stove, an excessive buildup of carbon monoxide can become an issue. Household cleaning products and pesticides are also culprits.

There are several factors that can aid indoor air pollution along. For example, excessive heat and high levels of ambient moisture can help to increase certain pollutants’ concentration points. Poor ventilation, or a lack of AC maintenance, can also play a major role, helping to create an environment that contains pollutants to stagnate within a space.