• What’s Causing Your AC to Freeze Up?

    Maintaining your HVAC appliances is usually not too difficult, especially when you work with air conditioning experts in Murfreesboro. The better you maintain your air conditioner, the less likely it will be to suffer malfunctions or freeze up. You can avoid future breakdowns and the need for the resulting repairs by keeping an eye on your unit and calling the professionals whenever something seems to be going wrong . Read ahead if you’re wondering what could be causing your AC to freeze up.

    Without the proper maintenance and care, your air conditioner could be susceptible to problems with its air vents and refrigerant. It turns out that both problems could be to blame when your AC freezes up. If the air in your house isn’t allowed to freely circulate throughout your space, it could trap cold air and end up freezing your air conditioner. Your AC needs to be constantly moving air while it’s operating, and dirty air filters can thwart this effort, but you can fix the problem by changing your air filters. If your refrigerant is leaking, your AC professional will need to find the leak and repair it before adding more refrigerant

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  • Is It Time to Upgrade Your Furnace Filter?

    Your new heating system in Murfreesboro will only operate at peak efficiency if you take the proper steps to maintain it, which involves cleaning or replacing the filter on a regular basis. Sometimes it turns out that your filter doesn’t quite cut it, however, at which point it’s a good idea to upgrade. Watch this video to see if it’s time for you to upgrade your furnace filter.

    The purpose of your furnace filter is to keep contaminants away from the mechanical components of your furnace and out of your air. If there is too much space between the fibers of your filter, it won’t do a good job of keeping these components out. Poor indoor air quality is one sign that your furnace filter might need some attention, so consider upgrading to a polyester electrostatic filter. This is a permanent filter that can pay for itself in savings.

  • Why Air Filters Are So Important

    Your home’s HVAC system keeps your family comfortable throughout the year, and it can be easy to completely forget about it while it is running smoothly. However, there is an important maintenance task to remember each month—changing the air filter. Continue reading for a look at why air filters are so important for maintaining your home and your heating and cooling system in Murfreesboro . air - filter

    Improve Air Quality

    Air filters can catch dust, allergens, and more, and help to keep them from circulating in the air in your home. Different types of filters can remove different types of air contaminants, so if someone in your family suffers from asthma or allergies, look for an air filter specifically designed to catch allergens, mold spores, and other irritating particles. If you fail to change your air filter on a regular basis, you and your family may experience itchy eyes, runny nose, and respiratory issues as a result of reduced indoor air quality.

    Maintain Energy Efficiency

    As air passes through an air filter, the particles that are contaminating the air are caught in the filter. Over time, the buildup of dust, dirt, and other debris will reduce the flow of air through the filter. As a result, your heating system and cooling system will experience decreased efficiency. Changing your HVAC filter every month will help to maintain the efficiency of your air conditioning and heating system.

    Reduce Dust in Your Home

    In addition to affecting air quality, the dust in your home’s air can settle on floors, furniture, and countertops. With no air filter or a dirty air filter, you may find that this happens continuously. This will make your home look dirty and dingy, even if you clean on a daily basis. Your HVAC filter can help to keep your home clean and beautiful, since it will collect dust and debris and stop them from recirculating throughout your home.

  • Do You Need to Change Your Air Filters During the Summer?

    A technician with your local HVAC company can offer key AC repair services and air conditioner services in Murfreesboro that will keep your HVAC system working perfectly all summer long. Routine air conditioning maintenance includes ductwork inspections and repairs, air vent inspections, and air filter inspections and replacement.

    Because your air filters trap dirt, dust, mites, and allergens over time, they can significantly affect your indoor air quality and the efficiency of your air conditioner and HVAC system. If you have a central HVAC system, you should change your air filters every month. Dirty air filters require your AC to work harder and longer to pull air through the filters and ductwork. This means that your home might not be consistently comfortable, and your cooling costs may begin to rise.

    How often you change your AC filters might also depend upon your regional climate, how often you use your HVAC system, and how large your household and home are. When a technician from an HVAC company changes your air filters, he can also perform routine inspections and air conditioning maintenance, and determine if you need AC repairs.

  • How to Improve Your Indoor Air Quality

    People spend a majority of their time indoors, so the quality of the air we breathe inside is of great importance. There are four main ways people can improve and maintain the air quality in their homes: Eliminate, ventilate, clean, and monitor. This short video clip describes these principles in greater details and offers some solutions for improving the air quality in your home.

    If you want to breathe easier in your home, it’s also important to contact an HVAC company in Murfreesboro that specializes in duct cleaning , particularly the Rotobrush® air duct cleaning system. This duct cleaning system removes contaminates from the HVAC system and sanitizes air ducts for clean and great smelling air.

  • HVAC Maintenance & Repair 101: Changing Air Filters

    HVAC Maintenance & Repair 101: Changing Air Filters in Murfreesboro You really shouldn’t attempt to perform AC repair on your own, but there are some very important maintenance services that even the most inexperienced do-it-yourselfer can accomplish. In fact, one of the most important AC maintenance services is also one of the easiest to perform. Changing your HVAC filters on a regular basis will help you maintain peak HVAC efficiency and performance. It can also help you avoid unnecessary and untimely HVAC repair by keeping the system clean.

    If you want to keep your heating and cooling system in tip-top shape, get serious about changing air filters and sign up for a maintenance plan with an HVAC service company in Murfreesboro . Professional HVAC maintenance plans will provide you with peace of mind by keeping your heating and cooling system in peak condition. You’ll also save money on parts and labor as an HVAC maintenance plan member.