• Why Hire Professionals for AC Installation?

    When you need a new air conditioner, you may be tempted to try to complete the project yourself. In reality, air conditioning installation should always be performed by a trained AC professional. Why is it so important for your air conditioning installation in Murfreesboro to be done by a trained pro? Here is what you need to know.

    Air conditioner installation is an incredibly tricky prospect, and even people who are experienced in DIY projects will typically struggle to do the work. Installation involves working with electrical wires and can be dangerous for someone who is inexperienced. Keep in mind that it is not simply the prospect of having your air conditioning work right away when you install it that you need to consider. A poorly installed air conditioner may work, but it may not work as efficiently as it could. Improper installation can also lead to future malfunctions that could have been avoided if the air conditioner had been installed correctly from the beginning.

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  • A Step-By-Step Guide to Getting the Most Out of Your AC This Summer

    Scheduling a new air conditioning installation is a smart way to make sure that your household is ready to beat the heat during the warmest days of the summer season. In order to keep your home as cool as possible, consider talking to your air conditioning experts in Murfreesboro about how to use your cooling system effectively. By following some essential tips and tricks, you can keep cool when the weather is hot. Here is a look at some steps that you can take to get the most out of your AC this summer. air - conditioner

    Step 1: Schedule Preventative Maintenance

    Before you turn on your air conditioner at the start of the summer season, consider setting up a preventative maintenance appointment for your unit. During your preventative maintenance appointment, your technicians will make sure that your air conditioner’s internal components are functioning correctly. When you set up repairs before summer kicks into gear, you can ensure that it is working to its best abilities all season long.

    Step 2: Program Your Thermostat

    When your technicians arrive at your home to maintain your air conditioner, you may want to ask them about how to best program your thermostat. A programmable thermostat will give you direct control over when your AC unit turns on and off throughout the day. Programming your thermostat around your daily schedule will allow you to keep your home cool without wasting energy.

    Step 3: Change Your Air Filter

    Like your furnace, your air conditioning system is equipped with an air filter. The job of the air filter is to eliminate tiny particles of debris that may otherwise clog up your ductwork. Throughout the summer season, take the time to change your air conditioner once a month. The simple act of changing your air filter can boost your AC unit’s efficiency, and also help to prevent repair problems at a future date. If you are having trouble sourcing new air filters, contact your local heating and cooling company.

  • FAQs About New AC Installation

    If the summer heat is causing you discomfort at home, you may be ready for a new air conditioning installation . By scheduling a new air conditioning installation this summer, you will be able to enjoy cool, conditioned air on the hottest days of the year. Before you schedule an installation with your air conditioning experts in Murfreesboro, you will want to educate yourself on some basic information about new air conditioning systems. Let’s review the answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about new AC installations. air - conditioning

    What are the different types of air conditioners?

    Many homeowners have questions about the different types of air conditioners that are available for their properties. If you are seeking an air conditioning system that is able to cool your entire house, you may want to purchase a central air conditioner. To cool only one or two rooms on your property, consider purchasing a mini split system, which connects directly to the outside. An HVAC professional can help you choose the best unit for your specific cooling requirements.

    How do I know when to replace my existing air conditioner?

    Scheduling an air conditioner replacement before your existing unit goes out can save you from overheating during the peak of the summer. There are a few signs that your air conditioner may need to be replaced. If your system is making strange noises, seems to be losing efficiency, or is simply unable to cool down your home effectively, these are all signs that you may be ready to install a new unit.

    Who should install my new air conditioner?

    Purchasing a new air conditioner is a significant investment. When you buy a new air conditioning system for your property, you will want to make sure that your unit lasts for as long as possible. To achieve the best lifespan and performance from your new air conditioner, always schedule your installation with a team of experienced HVAC installation technicians. Your installation experts will take the time necessary to install your new air conditioner correctly.

  • What’s Causing Your AC to Freeze Up?

    Maintaining your HVAC appliances is usually not too difficult, especially when you work with air conditioning experts in Murfreesboro. The better you maintain your air conditioner, the less likely it will be to suffer malfunctions or freeze up. You can avoid future breakdowns and the need for the resulting repairs by keeping an eye on your unit and calling the professionals whenever something seems to be going wrong . Read ahead if you’re wondering what could be causing your AC to freeze up.

    Without the proper maintenance and care, your air conditioner could be susceptible to problems with its air vents and refrigerant. It turns out that both problems could be to blame when your AC freezes up. If the air in your house isn’t allowed to freely circulate throughout your space, it could trap cold air and end up freezing your air conditioner. Your AC needs to be constantly moving air while it’s operating, and dirty air filters can thwart this effort, but you can fix the problem by changing your air filters. If your refrigerant is leaking, your AC professional will need to find the leak and repair it before adding more refrigerant

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  • How Long Do AC Units Last?

    Air conditioning experts in Murfreesboro will tell you that AC units can last a long time with proper maintenance . You will not have to look at an air conditioner replacement for up to a decade if you give your current unit the proper time and effort to keep it running at peak efficiency. Continue reading to find out how long an AC unit can last and why maintenance is crucial to its lifespan.

    Maintenance should come in the form of an annual inspection and servicing by an air conditioning expert. This expert will examine the different parts of your AC unit and how well it functions in different situations. If your AC unit is not serviced regularly, then it will work too hard to cool your home. This hard work can raise your cooling bills, and it can cause your unit to break prematurely. However, you can schedule a yearly maintenance appointment with your air conditioning expert, and your AC unit could last for up to 15 years.

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  • Keeping Your Cooling Costs Low

    It is important to ensure your cooling system is running well during the summer to prevent unnecessary energy use and costly bills. You can achieve a better performance from your HVAC system with a visit from an air conditioning expert in Murfreesboro . In addition to scheduling regular maintenance for your cooling system, you can plant shade trees and install extra insulation around your home. Let’s take a look at how these steps can keep your cooling costs low. AC - System

    Plant Shade Trees

    Shade trees—like maples, willows, and eucalyptus—planted around your home and property can significantly cut down on your cooling costs. These trees should be planted on the south and west sides of your home, because these areas will likely receive the highest amount of sun and solar heat throughout the day. Plant large-canopied trees to shade your windows and entrances, because these areas will experience more air leakage into and out of the house. If you have an AC unit on the ground, then consider planting a shade tree nearby to provide shade to the unit.

    Schedule Air Conditioner Maintenance

    Yearly air conditioner maintenance is vital to the health of your unit, and it can ensure that your cooling costs stay low. If your cooling system is not seen by an air conditioning expert every year, then it could lose up to 5% of its efficiency. This means that your AC unit will work harder to give you the same level of cooling, and you will end up spending more money every year. If you schedule yearly maintenance, though, then you can keep your unit running great and save on your cooling costs.

    Install More Insulation

    Insulation can significantly cut down your cooling costs. Insulation buffers your home against heat and cold intrusion. Ensure that your attic, crawlspace, and basement are well-insulated. You can also insulate other areas of your home, such as your windows, with layers of foamboard and cellular shades. These home additions will keep out the summer heat and cut your cooling costs.

  • Why You Should Maintain All Areas of Your HVAC System This Summer

    While the summer months may currently seem like they are very far away, the weather will start heating up sooner than you may think. To get ahead of your household maintenance tasks during the spring and summer, now is a great time to schedule a preventative maintenance appointment with air conditioning contractors near Murfreesboro . A team of air conditioning experts can make sure that every aspect of your HVAC system is working properly during the summer months. Here is a look at why it is so important to maintain all of your heating and cooling system components this summer. hvac - maintenance

    Ensure Proper Efficiency

    Energy efficiency is a top consideration for homeowners during the hot months of summer. If you have not taken the time to maintain your HVAC system, you may find that your air conditioner operates with poor efficiency. An inefficient air conditioner can cost you significantly on your monthly cooling bills. Preventative maintenance will allow you to restore the efficiency of your HVAC system before the peak of summer arrives.

    Avoid Maintenance Emergencies

    An HVAC maintenance emergency can be inconvenient and even potentially dangerous during the heat of summer. Without a properly working HVAC system, you will have no way to cool down your home. Taking the time to maintain your entire HVAC system can help you avoid a sudden breakdown. Overall, your maintenance appointment will provide you with peace of mind during the hot summer season.

    Promote Good Indoor Air Quality

    When you neglect to maintain your HVAC system, the overall air quality of your home could suffer. Clogged air filters and dirty ducts can all place contaminants and toxins in the air that you breathe. Scheduling HVAC maintenance during the summer season will ensure that the air in your home is clean and healthy for your family members. If you are planning ahead for summer home maintenance, now is a terrific time to schedule a preventative appointment for your HVAC system.

  • Different Financing Options

    At Quality Heating and Air LLC , we are pleased to provide our customers with a range of financing options. When you call us for a heating system repair or replacement, we can help you finance the costs that are associated with your services. By working with our heating experts in Murfreesboro, you can rest assured that you are receiving quality repair or installation services at a fair price.

    When you contact us for a heating system replacement, we will go over some of the most popular financing options that we have available. The TVA Energy Right ® Loan Program can provide you with financing for up to $15,000 towards the cost of your heating system. This unsecured loan program requires no collateral from the homeowner. If you are seeking a same-as-cash loan, you may want to look into the benefits of the GEO Smart financing program. With these programs, you do not have to let cost be a prohibitive factor in the heating replacement services that your home needs this winter.

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  • Maintenance Tips for Your Air Conditioner

    There are several air conditioning maintenance tips that will keep your air conditioner running smoothly and help keep your energy bills low. One of the most important tips is to have your HVAC company come out regularly to inspect and maintain your AC installation near Murfreesboro. Watch the video for more essential tips to maintain your air conditioner.

    • Check the outside hoses for any defects, debris buildup, and missing insulation. If needed, call your HVAC company for repair parts and services.
    • Remove any debris, dust, and dirt that has built up around the outside unit or in the grates.

    Change your inside air filters about four times a year. During the summer, when the air conditioner is running frequently, you may want to change the filters once a month. This will ensure proper air flow and air quality throughout your HVAC system and house.

  • The Homeowner’s Guide to Duct Sealing

    When a homeowner notices that the heating or cooling bill continues to rise throughout the season, he or she should consider calling for professional duct sealing near Murfreesboro . When ductwork is insufficiently sealed, air escapes through the cracks and holes. This causes the air conditioner or heater to work harder and the energy bills to rise. If a certified HVAC company comes out to inspect the ductwork, clean it, and seal it, then the systems will not need to work as hard and the home will feel more comfortable. air - conditioning - duct

    Inspect the Entire Duct System

    An HVAC contractor will come in and inspect the entire duct system. This inspection will include the attic, basement, garage, crawlspace, and any other areas that may need to be insulated. Throughout this process, the contractor will note any uninsulated areas, holes, and other potential areas of concern.

    Repair and Correct Damaged Ducts

    After the inspection, the contractor will repair any damaged ductwork. Damages may include twisted or tangled ducts. Some ductwork may even be crushed. Typically, these ducts are made of flexible materials and are easily corrected and reconnected to the duct system.

    Seal Leaky Ducts

    There are a few different materials an HVAC contractor will use to seal leaky ducts against escaping air. Commonly, contractors will use either metal tape, aerosol-based sealants, or a resin adhesive known as mastic. Any of these materials will effectively seal any holes or improper connections in the ductwork.

    Insulate as Needed

    After the duct sealing process, the HVAC contractor may add insulation or advise the homeowner to add insulation in certain areas. By insulating empty areas around the ducts, this will help keep air flow consistent through the ductwork and prevent air from escaping.

    Ensure Improved Air Flow

    Once the process is complete, the contractor will evaluate the air flow to ensure the process was a success. He will also inspect the heating system to ensure there is no backdraft of gas or oil coming through the ductwork.