• What’s Included with a Silver Maintenance Plan?

    At Quality Heating & Air, we are thrilled to provide our customers with a range of service plans . When you enroll in one of our HVAC service plans, you can rest assured that your home will receive furnace repair and AC repair at the start of every season. We offer Bronze, Silver, and Gold Maintenance Plans that each offer their own service benefits. Before you book us to service your HVAC in Murfreesboro, you may want to explore your service plan options.

    The Silver Maintenance Plan is one of our most popular services. When you enroll in the Silver Maintenance Plan, you will receive a tune up for your system during the spring and fall months. The Silver Maintenance Plan also includes a 15% discount on all repair services. We are also thrilled to provide our Silver customers with anytime maintenance and discounted emergency services. Be sure to contact us to learn more about the advantages of enrolling in one of our HVAC maintenance service plans.

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  • How Rotobrush Air Duct Cleaning Works

    Indoor air quality can make a significant difference within a home; high quality air can create a comfortable and safe atmosphere, while low quality air can spread dust mites and other allergens through your ductwork in Murfreesboro . If you want to take an active role in improving your air quality so that you can keep these allergens from causing trouble around the home, you may want to consider calling an HVAC service and having your ducts cleaned. Continue reading if you are interested in learning how Rotobrush air duct cleaning works.

    Air Duct Cleaning | Murfreesboro

    Rotobrush air duct cleaning seeks to improve your indoor air quality by removing contaminants from your HVAC appliances, ductwork, and homes altogether. Your HVAC service professional will start by cleaning the register covers. He or she will remove any type of substance or material that can contribute to the collection of dust, such as nicotine film and cooking oil film. The focus is then shifted to your air conditioner and other HVAC units; your technician will provide a deep clean of all of the associated components. Once these sources are cleaned, your HVAC professional will brush, vacuum, and sanitize your air ducts to keep contaminants from circulating through them.