The Importance of Preventive Furnace Maintenance

Heating and cooling your home accounts for more than half of your annual energy costs. The key to minimizing your energy bills is keeping your heating and cooling equipment running as efficiently as possible by performing routine preventive maintenance. Routine maintenance will also extend the life of your heating and cooling equipment, which can save you money on HVAC repairs and replacement costs in the long run. Since we’re in the middle of winter, we wanted to specifically share the importance of preventive maintenance for your furnace. If you’d rather leave the maintenance to a professional, contact an HVAC contractor in Murfreesboro and sign up for an annual furnace maintenance plan .

Furnace Repair Murfreesboro

Improve Furnace Efficiency

Next to the air conditioner, the furnace is one of the biggest energy users in your home. Routine preventative maintenance will keep your furnace running smoothly so as to minimize energy consumption and resulting energy costs. Although normal age-related efficiency loses can’t be avoided, preventative maintenance can maintain peak efficiency.

Prevent Major Furnace Repairs

In addition to lower energy consumption, an efficient furnace will also run into fewer mechanical and electrical problems than a furnace that is not very well maintained. If you schedule preventative maintenance with your Murfreesboro HVAC contractor, the technician will also be able to spot any minor or developing furnace issues before they get any worse and require major repairs. This alone can save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars in repair and replacement costs over the life of your heating system.

Keep Warm and Comfortable

There’s another important advantage of maintaining your furnace: Your comfort! A well-maintained furnace will usually deliver optimal performance throughout the cold months, which means you can expect to stay warm all winter long without any surprise furnace problems. Furthermore, a well-maintained furnace may also help to improve indoor air quality and humidity levels for added comfort.