The Best Ways to Lower Your Electric Bill [INFOGRAPHIC]

If you’re like many people in the U.S., chances are you’ve been looking for ways to make your home more energy efficient for the benefit of the environment as well as your wallet. Lowering your electric bill can be accomplished with vigilance and a little bit of effort on your part. Instead of leaving your curtains open all the time, close them on warm days to prevent the sun from heating up your home. Ask your HVAC company serving Murfreesboro to perform an in-home energy evaluation so you can see where your home is operating inefficiently. Keep your heating and air conditioning in check with a programmable thermostat, which can save you as much as $180 per year. Check out this infographic from Quality Heating & Air LLC, a Murfreesboro HVAC company, to learn more helpful tips on how to lower your electric bill. Please share with your friends and neighbors!


Ways to lower your electric bill in Murfreesboro, TN