Signs That Your Furnace Needs Repair

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Your furnace is responsible for keeping you and your family warm and comfortable during the chilly winter months. Over the years, your furnace may require routine heating repairs. As your furnace operates during the winter season, its many sophisticated components will experience natural wear and tear. With proper heating repairs from a skilled HVAC contractor, you can keep your home’s furnace in safe working condition. A company offering furnace repair near Murfreesboro can ensure that your furnace unit is in terrific working shape for the upcoming winter season. To identify when it’s time to schedule furnace repair, here is a look at some of the warning signs that your furnace is experiencing problems.

Furnace repair services in Murfreesboro


The age of your furnace can help you determine when it is time to schedule repairs. Typically, an average furnace will have a lifespan of up to 20 years. If you have been operating with the same furnace for more than two decades, there is a good likelihood that your unit is in need of heating repairs. In some cases, furnaces of this age may need replacement.


When your energy bills spike sharply during the winter months, this is a good indicator that your furnace may need repairs. If the components of your furnace are having trouble, your system may not be able to heat your home efficiently. With quality furnace repair services from a highly rated company, you can restore the performance of your furnace, while also cutting back on your high energy bills.


As the components of your furnace fail to work properly, they may begin to generate strange noises and sounds. For example, you may hear clangs, rattles, or pops coming from inside your furnace unit. Any noises that are out of the ordinary may indicate the need for repairs. Your technician can diagnose and repair the source of your furnace noises.