A Look at Common Indoor Air Pollutants

If you are suffering from allergies or respiratory issues at home, there is a chance that your household may be dealing with poor indoor air quality. Fortunately, with proper air conditioning service and duct sealing from an HVAC company near Murfreesboro , you can address your indoor air problems at the source. Cleaning and maintaining your HVAC system is one great way to ensure that you and your loved ones are breathing clean, healthy air. To highlight the importance of HVAC and duct cleaning, here is a review of some of the most common indoor air pollutants. air - quality


VOCs are among the most common sources of indoor air pollution. The term VOC stands for Volatile Organic Compounds, and these molecules are found in cleaning solutions and other products that you may use on a daily basis throughout your house. Many common household products, such as floor polish or paint, contain high concentrations of VOCs. Before you embark on a household cleaning project, you will want to choose products that are labeled as being VOC free.


Household mold is another primary source of indoor air pollution. While mold may appear to stick to your walls or flooring, mold spores can actually infiltrate your indoor air. These invisible spores can cause serious health issues when they are inhaled on a regular basis. Itchy eyes, wheezing, coughing, and skin rashes are all health symptoms that could be the result of black mold pollution in your home.

Pet Dander

If you are a pet owner, your furry friend could be contributing to an indoor air problem in your household. Pet fur and dander can become trapped in your air ducts over time. When your ducts are filled with pet dander, you may experience aggravated pet allergies when you are at home. A company that specializes in duct cleaning will be able to clean out your HVAC ducts and ensure that your home has safe indoor air.