The Science Behind Air Conditioning

You may be aware of the importance of AC maintenance in Murfreesboro , but you may not have any idea what the components that you maintain actually do for the unit. You know that your AC installation creates cool air and circulates it through your home, but how does it work? Watch this video clip if you are interested in the science behind air conditioning.

Your air conditioner functions thanks to the principles of evaporation and condensation. The unit evaporates a refrigerant within a set of coils; since evaporation removes heat, the coils become cold. The fan component of your air conditioner blows air across these cold coils, which in turn cools the air as it is sent throughout the house. The compressor then causes the refrigerant that had turned into a gas to turn back into a liquid, which creates heat. The outdoor fan removes this heat from the unit to prevent overheating.