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Maintenance Savings Plan

Although your HVAC system requires minimal care, the care it does need is essential to providing years of cost-effective home heating and cooling so you don't need something like a central air conditioning replacement, a new heater replacement or other HVAC installation. At Quality Heating & Air LLC, our residential HVAC installers are pleased to offer our convenient and cost-effective Maintenance Savings Plan. For less than ten dollars per month, you can enjoy HVAC services in Murfreesboro designed to maintain and protect your furnace and air conditioner for greater efficiency and appliance longevity, as well as automatic savings on air conditioning and heating repair.

Reasons to Choose a Professional for HVAC Maintenance

HVAC maintenance like having energy efficient heating plays a vital role in home comfort, home energy costs, and even home value. There are many reasons to choose a qualified HVAC contractor to perform heating and AC maintenance, rather than opting to “do it yourself.”

  • HVAC maintenance takes time, and it can be easy to ignore or put off when your furnace and air conditioner appear to be working normally. However, your HVAC system loses up to five percent efficiency for every year it is not maintained. Scheduling professional services means you won’t have to worry about taking the time out of your schedule to maintain your furnace and AC.
  • Although there are a few basic HVAC maintenance steps you can perform on your own, many furnace and AC service tasks should only be performed by an experienced heating and air conditioning professional.
  • During your HVAC tune-up, your residential HVAC technician will also inspect your entire system. If his inspection reveals a worn or failing part, your technician can repair or replace it on the spot, without the need for an additional service call.

What to Expect During Seasonal Heating and AC Maintenance

When you enroll in the Maintenance Savings Plan, you’ll receive regular seasonal maintenance at no extra charge. During these HVAC maintenance visits, your technician will

  • check and clean or replace your furnace filter if necessary.
  • inspect your thermostat to ensure it is providing an accurate reading and communicating with your HVAC system properly.
  • clean the interior and exterior components of your furnace and air conditioner and lubricate moving parts.
  • check all electrical and mechanical parts for signs of damage or wear.
  • examine your furnace’s fuel intake lines and exhaust outlets.
  • inspect and clean the condensate drain on your air conditioner to prevent clogs and mold growth.
  • answer any questions you may have about home heating and cooling.

Would you like to learn more about Quality Heating & Air LLC’s Maintenance Savings Plan in Murfreesboro? Please call (615) 895-8667 for more information about heating and AC maintenance for your home today. We laso offer commercial air conditioning as well as commercial heating for your business.

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